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Bird Parrot Foot Chain Stainless Steel Ankle Foot Ring Stand Chain Outdoor Flying Training Bird Accessories S/M/L/XL

1. Check the description of the diameter of the other bird’s ankle bracelet ring. One package includes 1 bird’s foot chain + 1 bird’s foot chain + accessories.
2. Anti-rust and anti-corrosion, durable and easy to wear.
3.304 stainless steel material. The design is reasonable, the use of labor, and will not hurt the bird’s legs.
4. Chain with rotating buckle, 360° can be rotated, no knotting, let the birds move freely, is a useful tool for bird training.
5. Size: Model 5/6/7/8, total length is 50cm, including the length of the accessories on both sides; chain diameter: model 5/6/7, diameter 0.8mm, model 8 diameter 1mm.

Name: Bird’s foot ring anklet
Color: silver
Material: stainless steel chain, alloy foot ring
Features: light, comfortable, safe and secure

Two people need to wear it together, one person controls the bird and wears a foot ring. Start with only the foot ring to let the bird adapt to the feeling of the foot ring on the foot, and wear the anklet in a few days.

No. 5 (inner hole 4.5mm/0.18in): Applicable bird species: big tiger skin. Peony, big head parrot, Pacific
No. 6 (inner hole 5.5mm/0.22in): Applicable bird species: mysterious wind, small sun, myna, fig
No. 7 (inner hole 6.5mm/0.26in): Applicable bird species: tinkling, GoldSun, monk, gray-headed parrot
No. 8 (inner hole 7.5mm/0.3in): Applicable bird species: Mini King Kong, Magpie, Red Orangutan, African Red-bellied Parrot



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Bird Foot Rings

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Parrot Foot Ring


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