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We are now giving the son of the feed shells and birds’ feathers to fly left and right in the room. They will now be able to feed birds in bird houses in biliary diseases. We combined the warmth of the wood with its aesthetics and the simplicity of the transparent plexy in the same product. We surrounded the 4 sides of the cage with transparent plastic. Ready to take its place in the most beautiful place of your home. It is all handcrafted.

The width is 42.5 cm and the height is 39 cm and the depth is 28.5 cm.

Saka, goulden fin, hint bulbul and ideal for small breed birds. Suitable for 2 birds.

Thanks to its sliding bottom, it is extremely clean.

· Avoid contact with your bird’s stool. It is produced with grill on the slider. The grill is also sliding.

Feeder place has drawers and it can be filled from outside without interfering in the cage.

Made of solid wood. Artificial wood is applied.

Wires are covered with stainless galvanized

· It has been colored and preserved with polish.

Plexies can be removed and cleaned on the side walls.

1 natural tree roost and 1 plastic drinker are sent as a gift with the product.

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