Automatic Food and Drink Feeder


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1. Large opening at the top, easy to add food: No need to remove the feeder, directly add on the top, easy to use.
2. Automatically add water, pets eat at any time: The bucket mouth spring is set, and gravity automatically stores water to avoid frequent water addition.
3. Large-capacity design, the owner can go out at ease: Satisfy small dogs/cats 3-7 days drinking water, 7-10 days food.

Highlights of drinking fountains:
1.3.8L water storage and large capacity: 3.8L drinker is enough for large dogs to drink for 1-2 days.
2. Rest assured material: PET, PP plastic, safe to use.
3. Adopting the principle of siphon: automatic water refill, tight and leak-proof safety design, to ensure that the drinking water is at the same height, effectively solving the problem of pet water feeding.

Highlights of the diet device:
1. The upper cover is removable and can be refilled at any time: open the top of the feeder to add food, which is convenient and quick.
2.3.8L feeding large capacity: enough for small dogs/cats for 7-10 days, medium and large dogs for 1-3 days.
3. Gravity replenishment method: using gravity replenishment, automatic replenishment all day long, no longer have to worry about pets without food.

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